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You all meet in The Tavern

“”/campaign/a-guarded-peace/wikis/the-tavern" class=“wiki-page-link”>The Tavern", “Sarge’s,” or whatever UVA students are calling it these days. The small restaurant is often packed, located between townie and student territories in Charlottesville, VA. In spite of the health violations, or perhaps because of them, they make a frighteningly good breakfast.

Charlottesville seems far from the glamour-riddled dangers of Arcadia, but several pathways through the Hedge do lead here. The area’s freehold is small, but over the past few years, the number of Changelings has grown. As the city rapidly expands, the Fae seem to be spiriting away more and more of its inhabitants. Predictably, the remaining survivors are becoming more wary and mistrustful.

Exacerbating things, Amelia Richardson has foretold that “The garden will be devastated by the hunt. There will be much sorrow beneath the empty moon.” The new moon is five days away, and this prophecy has all of Changeling society frantically preparing for the worst. It seems the hounds of the True Fae are quickly approaching.

No Changeling wishes to be easy prey. It falls to your motley to decide how best to remain alive and, more importantly, free.

Main Page

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